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4:39pm 11-22-2017
Barry wolfe
forever a fan of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.
6:40pm 07-11-2017
Mike Cagle
Hello glad to see your web page. My Dad portrayed The Lone Ranger for 35 years all over the country to try to keep his memory and message alive. He was able to meet Clayton Moore and John Hart multiple times. His name was Don Cagle. He became The Lone Range to many as he looked the part and was meticulous with every part of his outfit and guns. Unfortunately my Dad passed away back in March unexpectedly. Now I have a bunch of collectible items and do not know who to contact that would be interested in them. I really don't want to put them on Ebay, I would rather see some fans enjoy these special items. I have left my email in case you would be interested or know some people that would be. I was lucky enough to enjoy my Dad collecting these items and playing a part in keeping his memory alive, they are special to me but I just can't keep them all.
12:54pm 06-29-2017
Gary Brown
Fascinating information on Eric Friewall and Robert Schaffer
6:01pm 04-16-2017
Big D
Clayton Moore was and always will be the only Lone Ranger in history. I grew up watching him and Jay in the fifties and would make my week. Today we see to much of the bad guys and not enough of the good. The Lone Ranger and Silver will forever be in my heart.
9:44pm 04-15-2017
I just saw Clayton Moore as a bad guy in Night Stage to Galveston, it was
kind of sad, to see him act against type. Conversely, he had to eat and this was during the time he was off the series.
6:17pm 04-08-2017
what the courts did to the mask, was wrong, their will never be a lone ranger like CLAYTON MOORE
12:28pm 03-29-2017
Clayton Moore is one of a kind. There will not be another one like him. May his memory be eternal! Rest easy, dear soul. God bless him and his family.
3:55pm 03-18-2017
Bo Shaffer
I'm editor of The Silver Bullet as well as Chief of the Colorado branch of the Lone Ranger Fan Club. Was wondering if you still maintain this site. I'm thinking of mentioning you in my next issue due in June.
10:44am 10-20-2016
Women dont want feces (shit), vomited, spittle and pissing in their mouth, food, room, toal, laundry, clothes, bag, sheo also not from another woman or animal
10:43am 10-20-2016
Some men in this region wear too long pants/trousers
11:20am 09-15-2016
The Lone Ranger will live forever!
2:09pm 08-28-2016
Susan Radle
One of my favorite series from my youth ! Loved the introduction of the Lone Ranger riding Silver and his faithful friend Tonto riding with him. A good feeling that the world would be right!
11:59am 06-19-2016
Mary Davis
As a kid my dad & I would watch him & Jay ride across the screen every week, now I start my day with my cup of coffee & the ranger. When John Hart was there my dad would go out & do things in the yard saying I'm not watching the it got to the point where he said he'd be outside & if the real ranger was back then call him. as soon as I saw it wasn't Clayton I'd go out too.. Now at 70 I saw a couple with John Hart & all I could think was how much better it would have been if Clayton was the Ranger.. He will always be number one.
7:47pm 04-11-2016
Forrest Geckle
I got to see The Lone Ranger in person. Also got to shake his hand. He was at a mall in Fort Wayne,In.He was my hero when I was a kid. I still get to watch him on tv. I do have some of his movies on tape
8:32pm 03-28-2016
Richard & Rachel
We enjoy watching the series so much! The quality of writing for the show is amazingly good. Script writers! Pay attention to how to write a show that is engaging, without be immoral or debased. This is when TV was great to watch. You can also see how much Clayton and Jay enjoyed working together. You have to admire their dedication to making a great show, every single episode ! Life lessons for young people, threads throughout the series. Consequences for your actions, what greed and hate does to a person, not to be taken advantage of, and when you make a wrong choice, make it right. So many young people need exposure to this. Long Live the Lone Ranger!
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