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8:32pm 03-28-2016
Richard & Rachel
We enjoy watching the series so much! The quality of writing for the show is amazingly good. Script writers! Pay attention to how to write a show that is engaging, without be immoral or debased. This is when TV was great to watch. You can also see how much Clayton and Jay enjoyed working together. You have to admire their dedication to making a great show, every single episode ! Life lessons for young people, threads throughout the series. Consequences for your actions, what greed and hate does to a person, not to be taken advantage of, and when you make a wrong choice, make it right. So many young people need exposure to this. Long Live the Lone Ranger!
6:21pm 03-27-2016
Howard Golding
I watch the Lone Ranger every night from 12:00 to 1:00am . I love the days of yesteryear. I watch the series as a kid and now as a senior adult. I wish I could of met them.
Howard Golding
West Bloomfield, Michigan
8:48am 02-22-2016
H. James Hulton III
To this day, I enjoy watching the old "The Lone Ranger" TV series from the 1950s. Both Clayton Moore and John Hart were outstanding Lone Rangers.
Jay Silverheels made a great Tonto! Hope the series stays on the air for a long time to come. Thanks. Jim Hulton, Blue Bell, PA
4:10pm 01-20-2016
Thanks for all the work you have done on this site!
11:29pm 01-16-2016
Randy Golder
We have a bunch of Lone Ranger everything and want to sell !
If you are ready for some long forgotten goodies,please email me
Mr.Randy Golder. For Michelle Blankenship.
Thank you
11:08am 12-25-2015
The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, and Jay Silverheels will forever stand for truth, justice, and fairness.
5:06pm 12-14-2015
Loved the essay on the 2000 auction. I'm the person who bought the mask and for the reason described in the essay -- that the mask (like the Lone Ranger) is a symbol of purity in purpose and deed. The Lone Ranger formed my outlook and character.
3:48pm 10-31-2015
hero forever
4:31pm 08-14-2015
Jim Willis
We watch the show every morning on COZI TV, Indianapolis. Love it.
3:12pm 08-11-2015
David Simpson
At 68 I'm still watching my favorite TV program...The Lone Ranger. The fact that he never killed anyone says a lot about his character. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels will always be a part of my life. What a time to grow up in. Loved it then and still loving it now.
7:02am 07-12-2015
Juan Rivera
El LLanero Solitario (Lone Ranger) es muy conocido en Puerto Rico jovenes y adultos gustan del Llanero tengo peliculas dobladas al español. De hecho es mi vaquero favorito, tambien me gusta John Hart. Claro Clayton Moore es mi favorito.
9:00pm 06-13-2015
9:44am 05-29-2015
Brad Seiler
I have always been a big fan of Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. I am fortunate enough to have the entire Lone Ranger Show and the two movies on dvd, plus many of the movies and serials he appeared in. I was 3 when the show premiered in 1949. John Hart did a nice job but Clayton Moore is the one and only Lone Ranger. The 50's, what a great era to have been a kid in. Roy, Gene, Hoppy, and a hundred more.
6:49pm 05-06-2015
Grover Sales
watching the Lone Ranger right now..I grew up with this show..They don't make shows like this any more..God Bless Clayton Moore and what he stood for.
2:24pm 04-27-2015
Sandra Wilson
Still watch the Lone Ranger every day at 3pm. comes on directv on channel 367. love watching clayton and jay. best show ever.
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