5:54pm 08-18-2022
Peter Rozdilsky
I always was a Lone Ranger fan I am now 79 and took my Lone Ranger watch out to see it again that is how I came across this page. I will always remember the Lone Ranger and his friend Tonto.
Peter Rozdilsky Dickinson TX.
9:04pm 01-05-2022
I was a personal friend of John Clayton Moore the fifteen years prior to his death. I have several pieces of memorabilia given to me directly, including a “silver bullit”. I am ready to start selling these items, many of them with his signature. Loved him as a kid and met him in an usual way. Anyone out there interested in adding to their collection.
2:22pm 05-18-2021
Robert Ulrich
Is there another way to reach you? I was unable to send to your email address It said undeliverable. Thanks. Bob
11:10am 07-27-2020
Anthony Trendl
Clayton Moore was among the greatest men to ride a horse.

Anthony Trendl
10:00am 08-11-2019
OMG, you really expect people to be able to read the news/update page??? Black text on B&W background?
5:25am 05-30-2019
Robbie Gasser
Hello,,, Robert G. from Fort Worth, Texas. Big fan of The Lone Ranger and pretty much all the classic American television westerns, detective and comedies from the golden age. What a great site you have here, Thankyou very much. I will now know you’re here and revisit often. Best to you always. Robbie G.
6:22pm 08-25-2018
Geraldine Smith
He was one of the foremost heroes. Now and then I go back to being that little kid sitting in front of the TV in awe of the Lone Ranger!
7:24am 03-16-2018
robert libengood
i love this site. he was, and still my hero. he will be my hero untill i die
4:39pm 11-22-2017
Barry wolfe
forever a fan of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.
6:40pm 07-11-2017
Mike Cagle
Hello glad to see your web page. My Dad portrayed The Lone Ranger for 35 years all over the country to try to keep his memory and message alive. He was able to meet Clayton Moore and John Hart multiple times. His name was Don Cagle. He became The Lone Range to many as he looked the part and was meticulous with every part of his outfit and guns. Unfortunately my Dad passed away back in March unexpectedly. Now I have a bunch of collectible items and do not know who to contact that would be interested in them. I really don't want to put them on Ebay, I would rather see some fans enjoy these special items. I have left my email in case you would be interested or know some people that would be. I was lucky enough to enjoy my Dad collecting these items and playing a part in keeping his memory alive, they are special to me but I just can't keep them all.
12:54pm 06-29-2017
Gary Brown
Fascinating information on Eric Friewall and Robert Schaffer
6:01pm 04-16-2017
Big D
Clayton Moore was and always will be the only Lone Ranger in history. I grew up watching him and Jay in the fifties and would make my week. Today we see to much of the bad guys and not enough of the good. The Lone Ranger and Silver will forever be in my heart.
9:44pm 04-15-2017
I just saw Clayton Moore as a bad guy in Night Stage to Galveston, it was
kind of sad, to see him act against type. Conversely, he had to eat and this was during the time he was off the series.
6:17pm 04-08-2017
what the courts did to the mask, was wrong, their will never be a lone ranger like CLAYTON MOORE
12:28pm 03-29-2017
Clayton Moore is one of a kind. There will not be another one like him. May his memory be eternal! Rest easy, dear soul. God bless him and his family.
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