3:12pm 08-11-2015
David Simpson
At 68 I'm still watching my favorite TV program...The Lone Ranger. The fact that he never killed anyone says a lot about his character. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels will always be a part of my life. What a time to grow up in. Loved it then and still loving it now.
7:02am 07-12-2015
Juan Rivera
El LLanero Solitario (Lone Ranger) es muy conocido en Puerto Rico jovenes y adultos gustan del Llanero tengo peliculas dobladas al español. De hecho es mi vaquero favorito, tambien me gusta John Hart. Claro Clayton Moore es mi favorito.
9:00pm 06-13-2015
9:44am 05-29-2015
Brad Seiler
I have always been a big fan of Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. I am fortunate enough to have the entire Lone Ranger Show and the two movies on dvd, plus many of the movies and serials he appeared in. I was 3 when the show premiered in 1949. John Hart did a nice job but Clayton Moore is the one and only Lone Ranger. The 50's, what a great era to have been a kid in. Roy, Gene, Hoppy, and a hundred more.
6:49pm 05-06-2015
Grover Sales
watching the Lone Ranger right now..I grew up with this show..They don't make shows like this any more..God Bless Clayton Moore and what he stood for.
2:24pm 04-27-2015
Sandra Wilson
Still watch the Lone Ranger every day at 3pm. comes on directv on channel 367. love watching clayton and jay. best show ever.
3:40pm 03-05-2015

3:27pm 02-17-2015
Marianne Davis
Mom enters living room, sees me, baby sister & my pony in front of TV. She asked what was the pony doing in the living room? I said, he wants to watch the Lone Ranger too. Smiling, she said, "when show is over back to the pasture". Fan for life.
6:51pm 02-16-2015
John. T DiLiegro
Nice growing up with Clayton Moore
7:38pm 02-07-2015
Beth Lowe Wernicke
I love Clayton Moore and the Lone Ranger. I still watch them every time they are on. My first horse looked just like Silver.
7:29am 01-29-2015
Thomas W. Tomoff
I just discovered this page. Thank you for having it! Special Blessings and Gratitude to Dawn Moore and Family for befriending all of us! I look forward to shaking The Lone Ranger's Hand in Heaven some day soon!

God Bless You All!

Tom Tomoff
7:05am 01-29-2015
Thomas W. Tomoff
5:38am 01-19-2015
Lanny Armes
If I just had a nickel for everytime I said "hi yo silver, away", during my 57 years of life, surely it would be enough to buy the rights of the movie thats called 'lone ranger' which encore is playing now. Trash is cheap and thats just what it is. Mr Moore and the Real Lone Ranger is what this house watches and its the examples that I want my grandsons to watch.
10:43am 01-13-2015
Jim Sullivan
I've been watching (re-watching really, of course) The Lone Ranger and was searching for a bit of information on House Peters, Jr., and came here. Thanks very much for the wonderful page devoted to one of the great westerns, one of the great western players, and to the many who made it happen.
8:20am 12-31-2014
Norman S Harsey
I met Clayton Moore on March 30, 1985 at the yearly University
of Arizona spring fling in Tucson, Arizona. This was the year the mask was returned to him. What a wonderful & friendly person he was. It was an honor to meet him. Mr. Moore autographed an 11x14 photograph and a photo album that I consider priceless. Last year 2013, I was lucky to acquire the entire (all 221 episodes) of The Lone Ranger TV series as
well as the two feature movies both starring Mr. Moore & Mr. Silverheels.
Clayton Moore will always be the Lone Ranger. Nothing against
John Hart (LR in season 3) who I also met in Knoxville, Tenn in May 1994. Even though they are gone, they will never be forgotten. Every chance I get I watch these episodes. They do not make shows like this anymore. RIP Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels & John Hart
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