8:20am 12-31-2014
Norman S Harsey
I met Clayton Moore on March 30, 1985 at the yearly University
of Arizona spring fling in Tucson, Arizona. This was the year the mask was returned to him. What a wonderful & friendly person he was. It was an honor to meet him. Mr. Moore autographed an 11x14 photograph and a photo album that I consider priceless. Last year 2013, I was lucky to acquire the entire (all 221 episodes) of The Lone Ranger TV series as
well as the two feature movies both starring Mr. Moore & Mr. Silverheels.
Clayton Moore will always be the Lone Ranger. Nothing against
John Hart (LR in season 3) who I also met in Knoxville, Tenn in May 1994. Even though they are gone, they will never be forgotten. Every chance I get I watch these episodes. They do not make shows like this anymore. RIP Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels & John Hart
5:52pm 12-17-2014
Keith Franzen
I met Clayton Moore in Omaha.. A rainy Saturday in the fall early 80's. He was the honorary parade marshall fot a heritage day annual parade. He came up the street in a golf cart at the staging area wearing a white rain slicker. As he exited the cart, I welcomed him to Omaha. Then in the most beautiful voice my hero asked me where they were holding the horse that he would ride. He was anxious to get on the horse, so he would have some time to get used to the animal. I told him the white horse was waiting around the corner,he thanked and off he went! So, my memory is "I got to tell the Lone Ranger where Silver was ! I have pictures.
1:53pm 12-15-2014
Noah Stubbs, Sr.
I would like to know how to buy the 8X10 picture of Clayton Moore and Silver my address is Noah Stubbs,Sr. 148 9th Ave. Rockingham, NC 28379 thank you very much I could watch the Long Ranger 24 hours a day I love it that much
6:34pm 11-30-2014
Robert R
The Cozi TV cable channel recently began airing episodes of "The Lone Ranger" TV Show without me even know I had that cable channel. Lol. I am thrilled to learn that I can now watch these classic episodes. Although actor Clayton Moore, who will always be the true Lone ranger and who was always a class act is now in heaven, his legacy lives on in his dignified portrayal of the Lone Ranger character. Through his portrayal of the character, he helped us all to believe in what is right, hope and most of all, decency in human beings.
3:37am 11-11-2014
Larry terHorst
I've been a fan since I was 5 and still watching since I'm 48 and still get excited everytime I watch an episodeI think the kids of today should be watching this rather than watching what they have been watching and we have possibly have a better societythanks for all the memories and the days of yesteryearand yes you're the only long ranger and my book
10:05am 11-03-2014
John Gorski
I met Clayton Moore at Madison Square Garden in the 1950;s when he was on a tour. Jay Silverheels was not with him but learned that he was ill at the time and remained in California to recuperate from his illness. A super actor and there will never ever be another like him to play the role in any venue. The last movie made in 2013 with Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp was the worst display of the masked man and his Indian friend Tonto every to be put on the silver screen. The man who made the movie should not have been allowed to present such trash to the public. What a loss to the originals that played the role over the years.

John Gorski
9:30am 10-31-2014
Mark J. Malin
The perfect person to play The Lone Ranger on television.
I am a member of the Lone Ranger fan club that is in Maryland.
This December 28th, is the fifteenth anniversary of his passing.
RIP,Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger.
9:16pm 10-29-2014
Rebecca C Bennett
I LOVE Clayton Moore. Watched him when I was just a kid. He was so HANDSOME and Had a Beautiful Build. Wish I could have seen him.
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